Editors Guild backs ‘Times Now’ in libel case

The Supreme Court of India has declined to intervene in a Bombay High Court case against Times Now, directing the channel to deposit Rs 20 crore with the court registry along with a bank guarantee of Rs 80 crore, in a libel case involving the former chairman of the Press Council of India, Justice P.B. Sawant.

The case relates to a 2008 incident in which Justice Sawant’s photograph was shown in a 6.30 pm news report on the provident fund scam, instead of that of Justice P.K. Samanta, then of the Calcutta high court. A court in Poona directed Times Now to pay Rs 100 crore in damages, against which the channel appealed before Bombay HC.

The Editors Guild of India* has issued the following statement:

“The Editors Guild of India expresses its concern at the implications of today’s ruling of the Supreme Court, rejecting a Special Leave Petition seeking a stay against a High Court decree for damages worth Rs 100 crore against the Times Global Broadcasting Company Limited.

“While recognising that the law of defamation is an important qualification of the fundamental right to freedom of expression, the Guild believes that the law of defamation has to be construed in such a manner that it does not constrain the normal functioning of the media.

“An unintentional error because of a technical mix-up is in a different category from malicious or intentional libel. If inadvertent errors were to be met with punitive fines, it would make it difficult and indeed hazardous for journalists and media organisations to carry out their professional duties.

“The Guild notes that in the present case the photograph of Justice P.B. Sawant was shown mistakenly as being involved in the Ghaziabad District Court Provident Fund Scam because of the similarity of names with another judge. There was no malice. The error was corrected within 15 seconds, and for five days the channel issued a public apology to the wronged judge.”

* Disclosures apply


  1. The swagger of today’s journalists, specially the boorish TV loudmouths and ignoramuses, is unbearable and the reading and viewing public hate them and celebrate every setback for them. The journalist is the most hated man in the US and in ranking he came just above the undertaker. I remember a TV interview, in which a young anchor addressed Frank Moraes as Frank.

    At the same time the award of a hundred crore is the result of judicial exuberance.


  2. nareshnehra

    money makes the mare go.
    don’t take the money, sit at home.
    the media will sill air their views, and
    print all their stuff, as
    they like and wish to.
    the best thing is not
    to read, not to view tv.
    isolate and don’t complain.
    or do all this and enjoy. let them
    do what they want. and ignore
    what ever hurts you.
    enjoy what you endea.
    ghood luck.

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