Should the Chief Justice present media awards?

Influential members of the Supreme Court bar were aghast and affronted when the Indian Express named the Chief Justice of India, S.H. Kapadia, as the most powerful man in India two years ago, especially when he had just taken over and the apex court was seized of major cases with corporate interests, such as mining in the tribal belts and the 2G scam.

The agitated blackcoats could do little but to mutter in private, although one vociferous law officer nearly wrote a newspaper column against such “brazen buttering up of the judiciary by the corporate media”.

Chastened by the earlier experience or more likely, by the fracas over press council chairman Justice Markandey Katju‘s comments, the Delhi tabloid Mail Today of the India Today group reports in its gossip columns that Justice Kapadia has turned down a request of an unnamed “prominent media group” to present its journalism awards.

Image: courtesy Mail Today

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