What they don’t teach you in journalism schools

To the long list of infirmities journalists are justly notorious for—roving eyes, loose tongues, failing lungs, pot bellies, bad livers, body odour, etc—it is time to add another, uncouth behaviour.

Young or old, male or female, upmarket or downmarket, journalists now chew gum, jarda, etc as if they are all trying to disprove the 36th US president Lyndon B. Johnson who said of the 38th:

Jerry Ford is so dumb he can’t fart and can’t chew gum at the same time.”

Let the record state that the offending journalist in question in the news reports above belongs to Press Trust of India. Let the record also state that it is not judges who get maha-pissed off at the sight of constantly moving jaws: editors, too.

Images: courtesy Mail Today, The Times of India


  1. Anonymous

    The number of such ‘journalists’ entering the profession has only increased over the years. These jokers are more concerned about updating their Facebook and Twitter status than anything remotely connected with genuine interest in journalism.

  2. bc

    i am no fan of chewing gum, but i fail to understand why the judge should feel offended, or why the fellow commentator to call the chewers jokers. and i don’t have a social media account yet, but, again, i don’t get it when all are angry at those who are addicted to it. how is this judge’s fury different from a moral policing conservative? or was she chewing so loud that his lordship couldn’t hear the arguments coherently?
    i can be called a youngster, of 32 yrs age to be precise, and most of us including me are frivolous. but chewing gums or being hooked on to social media is certainly not the reason for that. being a chewer who is addicted to facebook makes one only that: a facebook addicted gum chewer. it doesn’t give anyone any right to judge them. because each generation had its own gums and facebooks – short hair, trousers initially and then jeans, piercings, computers, internet… the list is endless.
    each of us have our afflictions, don’t we? does all those afflictions define the person whom we are?

    1. santhisiri

      It is not about chewing the gum,basically. It is a ” Matter of Etiquette!! “

  3. Sam

    While I am not aware of the complete facts of this incident, I don’t think it must have the been the gum chewing but perhaps the overall attitude of the journalist that must have irked the judge in some way.

    If only somebody could report the facts, including the judge’s side …..

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