INS: ‘Wage board move will kill most newspapers’

After dithering for months, the Union cabinet has approved the recommendations of the G.R. Majithia wage board for journalists and other employees of newspapers and news agencies, subject to the final order of the Supreme Court which is hearing petitions from at least three media houses.

The Indian Newspaper Society (INS), which had steadfastly opposed the recommendations, has slammed the government’s move.

Below is the full text of the INS press release.

NEW DELHI: Ashish Bagga, president, the Indian Newspaper Society, has expressed grave apprehension that the decision of the Union Cabinet on the eve of Diwali to accept the recommendations of the Majithia wage boards may lead to the closure of a majority of small and medium newspaper publications across the country as the proposed wage hikes are very high and beyond the capacity of the industry.

He cautioned that even large publications would find it difficult to implement these steep wage hikes.

It is indeed unfortunate that the INS’ request for re-examination of the flawed and one- sided report has not been considered by the Government. A number of petitions challenging the Working Journalist and other Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1955 and the Majithia Wage Boards recommendations are before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the decision of the Government would be subject to the final order of the Supreme Court. After the recommendations are published, these petitions may be amended if required, he added.

Bagga said that the Fourth Estate of our vibrant democracy is under threat of losing its well-nurtured fabric of plurality of ownership and the situation created by the Government’s decision will throw up a clear and imminent possibility of consolidating media power in the hands of a few. This coupled with the danger of large scale retrenchments as a consequence of possible closure of a large number of newspaper establishments throughout the country not only pose a great threat to the Fourth Estate but could also lead to colossal job losses in a job-scarce country such as ours.

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  1. Law of Omerta

    I don’t support the recommendations of the G.R. Majithia wage board, I don’t support govt. setting up of wage tribunals in ANY INDUSTRY. But the fact is that many of our newspapers have in the past supported govt. set wages for other private sector companies.

    It is strange that our newspapers whine for govt. intervention in every sector of the industry except for the newspaper industry. That’s like saying everyone’s wife should get liberated but my wife should work in the kitchen.

    The truth is that media is like any other industry in the world. Perhaps it is one of the most profitable and powerful. If they are so powerful then they can themselves fight the recommendations of the wage board.

    Bottom line is – who cares! Let the media bosses fend for themselves. we don’t give a damn. Lets all of us watch HBO, much better fiction is available in HBO than in newspapers.

  2. Ramesh P.

    Whovever wants to close the business can close it and start a new business like real estate,liqour, chain of restaurants tc…
    Allow others to implement the award.

  3. hanzala

    Ashish Bagga aap apna bacho ka sath five star hotel ma khana kha sakhta hamara mahanath ka rupia kath ker apna furthi kertha ho saram nahi ata kam se kam humlog bacha one star hotel ma jana wala bana do.
    apna path jada mota math karo nahi to leak ho jay ga.

  4. dvonne

    I believe if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys working for you.
    Let the good newspapers survive…

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