‘Reporter lets Steve Jobs die on sidewalk’: RIP

Newsrooms across the world which have Apple machines in the design and editing sections, will remember Steve Jobs, who passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

Walt Mossberg, the iconic technology correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, writes on the Jobs he knew in today’s paper:

“After his liver transplant, while he was recuperating at home in Palo Alto, California, Steve invited me over to catch up on industry events that had transpired during his illness.

“It turned into a three-hour visit, punctuated by a walk to a nearby park that he insisted we take, despite my nervousness about his frail condition.

“He explained that he walked each day, and that each day he set a farther goal for himself, and that, today, the neighborhood park was his goal.

“As we were walking and talking, he suddenly stopped, not looking well. I begged him to return to the house, noting that I didn’t know CPR and could visualize the headline: “Helpless Reporter Lets Steve Jobs Die on the Sidewalk.”

“But he laughed, and refused, and, after a pause, kept heading for the park. We sat on a bench there, talking about life, our families, and our respective illnesses (I had had a heart attack some years earlier). He lectured me about staying healthy. And then we walked back.

“Steve Jobs didn’t die that day, to my everlasting relief. But now he really is gone, much too young, and it is the world’s loss.”

Read the full article: The Steve Jobs I knew

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    O! Steve!
    You ‘touched’ the world
    With your wonderful eyes;
    With your smart iPhones
    With your beautiful iPods.
    You will always breathe through them!

    O! Jobs!
    You created jobs to millions!

    An Apple,
    A falling apple,
    To this world –
    Gave birth to the greatest ever scientist, Newton.
    And, to his famous laws of gravity!
    Your ‘Apple’ with a slice off from it, served to the world-
    You touched the people….
    You will keep touching them….

    We are inspired, Steve,
    By what you did.
    We’re touched, O Jobs,
    By what YOU are!

    Goodbye, Jobs.
    Bye for now!

    -DT Barki

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