Sanjaya Baru quits BS to join strategic thinktank

Sanjaya Baru is stepping down as editor of Busines Standard less than two years after he took over from T.N. Ninan.

On his Facebook page, Baru, former media advisor to prime minister Manmohan Singh, posted this status update:

“OK, now it is final! From 1st November I step down as Editor, BS and take over as Director, Geo-economics and Strategy at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London. But, based in Delhi.”

Newspaper image: courtesy Mint

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  1. Law of Omerta

    oh only after reading this post i realized that BS stands for Business Standard.

    poor, humble me had always been under the impression that BS stands for bullshit.

    but perhaps the standard of the BS being referred to is the same as bullshit. The standard of the mag is about as low as any adviser to a corrupt govt. could make it.

    i hope the polite readers of this blog will take my comment kindly.

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