CAG names HT, CNN-IBN, NDTV in CWG report

The Times of India made news last year when it was revealed that there was more than journalistic spunk behind its aggressive Commonwealth Games (CWG) coverage.

Now, the Delhi tabloid Mail Today reveals the opposite: that the soft treatment of the CWG scam by many of ToI’s competitors may have had something to do with CWG contracts in their pockets.

ToI‘s main competitor in Delhi, Hindustan Times, and its partner Hungama had been contracted to create a website to put out realtime information on events at the games.

The comptroller and auditor-general (CAG) has now found that the HT-Hungama combine was awarded the contract although its documentation was deficient.

It also found the website set up by them deficient; it lacked speed and was not up to date with information.

Likewise, the CAG has found fault with the manner in which the contract for the production and broadcasting of commercials was given to CNN-IBN and NDTV.

The monies are minute: Rs 6.73 crore in all, but the CAG report swings the spotlight on cross-media ownership amounting to conflict of interest.

Image: courtesy Mail Today

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  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    et tu, media?

  2. Thats a fine point made on the lush green court of CWG tournament…..

  3. Sunayana Sadarangani

    ‘The business of life is business’…be it any field. Can media be behind? They start on that premise. They are not here to bring about social-change anyway….so, who’s watching the watchdog

  4. Jesse James

    It will be interesting how the mainstream print & television media addresses this issue. The Radia affair (Barkha, Vir Sanghvi, etc) took some time to implode on prime time.

    In the meanwhile, i will continue to watch Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt and Prannoy Roy’s i-am-holier-than-any-politician smugness with a hope that they know that we know.

  5. cherian

    we should boycott Ndtv , Cnn-ibn , star news . watching these channels is similar to promoting corruption . BOYCOTT NDTV and CNN IBN .

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