‘Business TV channels obsessed with breasts’

Mint editor R.Sukumar:

“Cleavage,” he said…. Big ones, he said, moving his hands out till they were at least 10 inches in front of his chest….

The person, who worked for a business news channel, was telling me why the channel had hired a certain anchor for its morning stock market show….

I didn’t pay much heed to what he said till another person, from another business news channel, told me the same story.

She got three times her current salary, for agreeing to leave the top two buttons of her shirt unbuttoned, he said, referring to an anchor who had recently switched channels….

I have not seen any of NDTV’s channels do this, nor Times Now and CNN-IBN. And the business channels are the worst offenders….

I know some women anchors on business channels. Many of them are smart—or are on their way to getting there—and I can’t believe they agree to go along with on-the-edge wardrobe suggestions put forth by their producers….”

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  1. nothing new in this. more than 10 yrs back a senior official friend told me that he was asked for a good journalist for a tv news channel in his state. when he suggested name of the best journalist of his choice, he was scolded by the editor-friend of the news channel that who would like to see a male reporter?

    it is no offense to women working in channels, many of them are my friends and best in the profession.

    sunil kumar, editor, daily chhattisgarh, raipur, c.g., india

  2. manoj bhardwaj

    bad practise. I donn’t understand where we stand , we r the fourth pillor of democracy, so must be careful.

  3. Rahul

    Well nothing new… sex sells and does well. The concern is if the news presenter is reading out a news unpleasant market situation or a demise of business tycoon…. just imagine this with her two buttons open 🙂

  4. bn sharma

    opening buttons and presenting a news item does not merit for a channel of repute

  5. i have an update on this: http://www.write2kill.in/reports-editorials/news-media/969.html

    Why sexualisation of female news anchors doesn’t really work

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