NDTV reporter puts an indecent proposal in print

With everybody stabbing everybody’s back in the Congress, NDTV anchor and reporter Sunetra Choudhury has set tongues wagging in Delhi with her account of an interaction with a politician in the news, in DNA:

“It wasn’t really a big, exclusive interview. He’d spoken to a rival channel and made wild allegations, and my editor wanted me to interview him as well.

“Dogged as we are, I landed at his place after he’d dodged my calls for 24 hours. I patiently sat with my cameraman while his flak catchers told me how busy “sir” had been all this while.

“‘Sure, I just need five minutes,’ I said.

“‘So, you’ve managed to track me down,’ he announced as we entered his study, accompanied by his young, female assistant. ‘But, sir, isn’t this the first time you named him?’ I asked.

“‘Well, you know, if you were to share a bed with me, then at night I’d be grinding my teeth and saying his name as well.'”

Photograph: via Facebook

Read the full article: Pervy politician needs to get his act together


  1. Law of Omerta

    In this country, which swears by “Gandhian ideals”, it is the politicians who have all the fun….

  2. Balaji

    Can feel sympathetic for the journalist as a person. But, cannot feel sympathetic for the world of journalism which goes beyond intruding into one’s privacy!

  3. maya

    Why do i get a feeling that the politician must have been somebody called M S A……..

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