Why Aravind Adiga prefers to be unemployed

Aravind Adiga, the Booker Prize-winning author of The White Tiger, has a new novel out, Last Man in Tower.

In an interview with Yogesh Vajpeyi of The Sunday Standard, Adiga, a former correspondent of Time magazine in India, is asked the question.

Any plans of reverting to journalism?

No, I’m quite happy being unemployed. Why go to an office every day when I can work out of my drawing room?

Why, indeed.

Why go to an office every day, when you can work out of your drawing room, in your shorts, and with your dog at your feet?

Photograph: courtesy Mark Pringle


  1. Law of Omerta

    AA is one of those guys who are blessed by destiny. So he can make a living even if he works sitting on his WC.

    unfortunately all of us are not that lucky.

  2. A Journalist

    He is unemployable. After he made Gautam Goswami ‘Asian Hero’, nobody was ready to give him a job.

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