Barkha Dutt gets a letter from her sister Bahar

In August 2010, Femina featured  NDTV‘s star-presenter and group editor Barkha Dutt on its cover in a smashing new avatar. That profile has made it to a bumper special issue featuring the 50 best faces that the women’s magazine has showcased over the past four decades.

In a piece accompanying Barkha’s story in the June 2011 issue, Dutt’s sister Bahar Dutt, a trained wildlife conservationist who works at CNN-IBN, pens a note from the heart to her more famous, more visible sibling.


  1. imshreyas

    what should i tell them? tell me what should I tell them?

  2. Mysore Peshva

    A “trained wildlife conservationist” works for a television station? How apt!

  3. PRS

    Get a life, Mysore Peshwa. If Sanjay Gupta, a trained doctor, can be CNN’s medical correspondent, what’s wrong with a trained wildlife conservationist who does environmental stories being on CNN-IBN?

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