When a tennis reporter bumps into a tennis icon

Nirmal Shekar in The Hindu:

“Twenty-five summers ago, on a glorious sunny morning, an egregiously overdressed sports reporter from India walked in circles for almost an hour around Wimbledon Park in south west London before locating the correct point of entry for mediapersons—Gate No. 5—at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

“After security clearance and a good two minutes spent staring at the statue of the last Englishman to have won the men’s title 50 years earlier—Fred Perry—the reporter, heart pounding, feeling a sense of reverence and awe he’d never before experienced in his short career up until then, walked up the steps leading to the Centre Court like an ardent pilgrim on the verge of realising a cherished dream.

“Slowly making his way down those same steps was, to the reporter’s utter disbelief, the great Perry himself, with a broad smile on his handsome, if creased, face.

“As the reporter introduced himself with uncharacteristic shyness, Perry, after patiently answering a few questions, resumed his journey down the steps. Then, quickly turning around, he asked: “Is it your first Wimbledon visit?”

“‘Yes,’ muttered The Hindu’s newly-designated Tennis Correspondent, fidgeting with the notepad on which he had just scribbled down Perry’s comments.

“‘Enjoy yourself. You will never forget the experience,’ said Perry.”

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Photograph: courtesy M. Hangst/All England law tennis and croquet club

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Mixed metaphor bhath

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  1. kumaresan

    Typical of a Hindu reporter. Docile.

    1. ragav

      yeh well said.

  2. Mysore Peshva

    That’s lame.

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