All in a month’s work for a greenhorn journalist

PRABHU MALLIKARJUNAN entered the profession a month ago. In just his first month at work at a business newspaper in Hyderabad, he has calculated that he has received Rs 6,560 worth of gifts and freebies.

Four corporate buffet lunches (@ Rs 1,100 + taxes 12.5%) Rs 4,950; leather wallet Rs 600; 2 GB pendrive Rs 350; note pads Rs 100; Parker pen Rs 100; other stationery Rs 100; T shirt Rs 300; coffee mug Rs 60. Total Rs 6,560.

“Initially I thought it was OK to receive stationery (notepad, pen and pencil). But as days passed by, I started getting calendars, coffee mugs and pens. I thought this might be the ‘corporate culture’. Then came 2 GB pendrives, T-shirts and leather wallets…. On average, a business journalist can get over Rs 78,000 as uninformed incentive.”

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  1. bc

    during the first days of my career as a reporter, i went to a programme organised by a UK-based university. along with the regular pens and notepads came a gift-wrapped packet for journalists. i didn’t know wt it was. i felt an irresistible urge to put it in my bag and bring it home. thankfully, i called up my girlfriend, then a reporter, who said i shouldn’t do that because it was unethical. when i tried to return that, the organiser politely refused and insisted i keep it. i said lets make a deal: i will keep the gift but won’t write about the function. or, i will write about it but won’t take the gift. i asked him to chose. this is something that i found working with all sorts of PR/corporates who are so enthusiastic to shower gifts on reports.

    our young friend prabhu ended up having these gifts ‘also’ because there is no culture in his newsroom to deride those who accept gifts. (they were known as ‘cover party’ in our office, among the worst of scumbags.) his seniors should have taught him the basic dos and don’ts..

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