Should papers implement Majithia wage board?

Notwithstanding the exponential growth of the print media post-liberalisation, it is clear that the voice of journalists in the publications they bring out is subservient to that of the proprietor, promoter and publisher on most issues and certainly so on the Majithia wage board for journalists and “other newspaper employees”.

Although owners and managers have unabashedly used the columns of their newspapers to rile against higher wages and build “public opinion” against the Majithia wage board through reports, opinion pieces and advertisements, a similar facility has been unavailable for journalists to air their views in the same publications.

It is as if journalists and “other newspaper employees”, whether on contract or otherwise, are in sync with their organisations in opposing the wage board’s recommendations. Which is, of course, far from the truth. Which is, of course, why a nationwide strike has been slated for June 28  to draw attention to journalists’ demands.

So, what do you think?

Is there a case for higher wages for journalists and “other newspaper employees”? Should the Majithia wage board be implemented or should wage boards be abolished? Are newspapers, which are rolling in profits, exploiting journalists with low wages and longer working hours? Or should journalists wisen up to the realities of the modern work place?

Is there truth in the charge that industry organisations like the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) are being used by big newspaper groups to prevent if not stall the new wages? Or is the contention of newspaper owners that they will wilt and crumble under the pressure of a higher wage bill justified?

Note: This sans serif poll is protected from repeat voting. Only one vote per computer, per IP address.

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  1. M.Pai

    Late but good that this issue has been taken up by Sans Serif team. I have also come across this blog which shows rather interesting data about which newspapers is the most employee-friendly.

  2. Radheshyam Goswami

    Newspapers have spoken a lot against corruption, exploitation of labour etc. In fact, it is the owners and administration of newspapers who have fixed the wage board for employees. This was two to three decades back, when wage board was more affordable to newspapers. Even now, if Majithia wage board is implemented, the compensation to these wage board employees, who have put in 20 to 35 years of loyal service in their newspaper, will be very very reasonable and much lower compared to the salary of contract employees, who keep jumping in their career, once they update their skills. Media should decide whether they want to continue with this type of employees, who have loyalty only to their pay packet, or old employees on wageboard, who have slogged for them for years. Also, in the next 5 to 10 years, most of the wageboard employees will retire. So this is the last wageboard for them. Why should they shy in giving a small benefit to them ?

    1. girishchandra

      Rightly said sir. But who reads this? Only the people who are in this ship… a drowning ship! Others have no interest atall. However your words are true.

  3. Avijit


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