Malayalee reporters of Delhi, don’t be so selfish!

An item appearing in Raisina Tattle, the gossip column of the Delhi-based newspaper Mail Today, that proves once again that politicians know that the shortest route to a reporter’s heart is through the stomach.

Two points stand out in this decidedly parochial carrot-and-drumstick policy: 1) Minister Thomas‘s doubtless belief (pun intended) that all Malayalee journalists have a uniform fancy for drumsticks, and 2) The minister’s ignorance of non-Malayalee journalists’ secret appreciation of the vegetable’s famed aphrodiasical qualities.

Which is just another way of asking: why hasn’t a packet of drumsticks landed at the offices of sans serif, from the minister or from Malayalee journalists?

Or, to indulge in a bit of word play, has all this blogging over five years been to no avial?

Image: courtesy Mail Today

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1 Comment

  1. prabhu

    Thomas sure knows his drumsticks. He became a minister after currying favors with Madam G by delivering regular supplies of prawns from his constituency in Kochi 🙂 & he also has the guts to talk about some 1 dish wedding protocol & all that s**t

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