It isn’t easy to tell tales of even dead Editors

Outlook* editor-in-chief Vinod Mehta, in the letters’ pages of the weekly newsmagazine:


In my Delhi Diary (Mar 21), I made some references to the late R.K. Karanjia, former editor of Blitz and one of India’s most respected journalists, and Col Gaddafi. I withdraw those remarks unreservedly and apologise to Russy’s family for any unintended hurt caused.

Vinod Mehta

There is, however, no “clarification” on the other editor mentioned in the diary, Ayub Syed, the late editor of Current.

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* Disclosures apply

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  1. This post speaks for itself.

    However, it is quite usual for Shri Vinod Mehta to say one thing today only to retract it tomorrow. Now Shri Mehta has reached the supreme stage of his life where he is more of a celebrity than an editor.

    He is now the “hottest star” of the small screen. I see him on TV everyday. And like all celebrities he changes his views according the demands of the TV show in which he is present.

    I would also like to add that Great editors are like Godmen, they continue to live even after death. Perhaps, after death they become undead…

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