1. Sam

    In case you missed, the small print: “This diploma is accepted and honoured by the media industry. Not recognized by central / state governments, AICTE or UGC’s etc.”

    Ofcourse TSJ’s not alone in this. Many such industry run ‘colleges’ offer only a diplome and also charge an exorbitant amount for it. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and more advantageous to do a proper post graduation in Vis/Mass Com?

    1. Dobby

      First of all please understand the difference between Journalism and Visual/Mass Communication.

      A journalism school will teach you how to become a journalist, whereas a Visual/Mass Comm school will give you academic training and a degree/diploma – which may help you get a job as a designer or in Corp Comm, Advertising and PR – but not certainly in journalism.

      This is because journalism needs the ability to identify what is news and write it – which even if you have a degree/diploma in Vis/Mass Comm – is of no use if you cannot identify news and write.

      So if you want to spend less money and get a fancy degree to be put up on the showcase for display, then please do Vis/Mass Comm course.

      But if you are serious and want to work as a journalist then get hands-on training along with an assurance of job opportunity at any journalism school run by media houses – TSJ being one of them.

  2. Mysore Peshva

    Instead or crusading to fix the crisis in quality in arts, humanities, and social sciences programs in Indian universities, media houses such as the Times Group are abusing the opportunity to make a quick buck for themselves. It is all so cynical…

  3. Deep Throat

    Why do you want the media to uphold the cause of civil society? Has any individual or body – government/non-government, given the mandate to the media to act as the fourth estate or conscience-keeper to the nation? You as an individual have the same freedom of speech and power as a media house. So who’s stopping you to do your part. Why are you expecting media houses to fight for the society? If Anna Hazare had also thought similarly like you then he would also be sitting before a computer and Venting frustration through posts like you are doing? Remember, it is very easy to sit and criticize. Start doing something good if you really feel that things are not what they are supposed to be and then see how many join you and your cause. That is the magic of democracy. And stop expecting media houses to change the world for you as the media houses are also run by mortals like you and me and are not gods, but part of the same society we live in which includes people both good and bad.

  4. Nathaniel

    A course offered by a media house as big as the Times is not an opportunity to scuttle away. Look at it from a personal point of view, what this course means to your career. Do not try to be a visionary or a patriot unless you have the means to do something relevant. By the way you have many causes at your disposal to write upon once you become a journalist.

  5. Hey,
    I am looking forward to make a career in Food and Travel Journalism. Which are the best colleges for that in India/ Abroad?
    Also, Is this college excellent? What are the job prospects ?

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