Swami Agnivesh has a question for Barkha Dutt

A champagne moment of live television, 39 minutes and 48 seconds into NDTV’s Buck Stops Here show on Wednesday, April 20, the year of the lord 2011.

Star-anchor Barkha Dutt goes on and on about whether  Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan should continue to stay as civil society representatives on the Lokpal drafting committee given the charges they were facing.

Barkha Dutt: “Swami Agnivesh… you will see that the number of people who had to resign from public office—and many people believe this is a good thing—just because of suspicion or allegations or accusations, I mean, from Shashi Tharoor to Ashok Chavan to Sharad Pawar, there are so many different examples where legally, the allegation has not been proven, but even before the trial has begun, these politicians have stepped aside. Now some people are making the argument that those drafting the Lokpal bill must do the same. How do you respond? Do you believe the same standard must be applied as they are applied to politicians?”

Swami Agnivesh: “Well, Barkhaji, let me put it to you this way. Supposing there is an accusation of corruption on some mediaperson who is an anchor of a very famous TV channel, and if that person is initiating debate after debate on corruption and such [a] person is asked, first get yourself cleared of all these allegations and then only you will have a moral right to start or initiate a debate on corruption, should that person step down? What would be your answer?”

Barkha Dutt: “My answer would be very simple. My answer would be that we all must answer to the same levels of scrutiny that we subject other people to, and that is exactly what we are debating, whether that should take the shape of answering questions, whether that should take the shape of stepping down, will vary from case to case. And that remains my position. Justice [Santosh] Hegde would you disagree?”

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  1. Binkada Singaari

    Huh? What is she saying? That she should resign, or that she shouldn’t resign? Pure tautology this is.

  2. Aditya

    She is saying ,’tell me what should I tell them !’ Lol

    1. sandhya


  3. S Krishna Kumar

    On another issue. Why Sans Serif remains silent on the development in The Hindu? Because of your drooling adulation for the paper?

  4. Mysore Peshva

    Self-righteous Barkha Dutt is one of the loudest phonies to make it big in India’s television screechdom. Shame on her!

  5. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    What did she say? Barkha, it is not even circumlocution; it is plain gobbledygook.

    Swami Agnivesh had only asked a pointed pointed question.

  6. sahana

    We require one 0r two Agnivesh here in Bangalore to ask questions to TV anchors !

  7. Vasudha Jain

    I think what she said makes sense.

  8. Lord Haw Haw

    why didn’t he answer the question?

  9. Virgo

    Didn’t she make it clear in the beginning: “My answer would be very simple.” This is as simple as she can get.

  10. Dinipc

    Circular Barkha-logic once again in action. We witnessed a lot of this in the heydays of Radia-gate in Barkha’s tweets.

  11. SACHIN

    Barka is thoroughly unprofessional person to ask that question to Agnivesh.
    She would have tried this with Swami Nithyananda and would have got fruitful results.
    She can handle nithya , Adhu Satya, adhu sathya….!!!!!!!

  12. Jeevan Jyoti

    Not yet having seen an accused person in the defendant’s seat suddenly take on the role of judge and prosecutor, I find it difficult to make out what Barkhe meant by those words of hers to Swami Agnivesh.It does come through however that she did realise that some day she might have to be up for that “svrutiny” and “questioning” she mentioned. It is a pity,however, that it did not dawn on her that till she has had that “scrutiny”, etc. and been declared “all clear”,she shouldn’t be pointing fingers at others.

  13. ShiovYogi

    Barkha Dutt has become Bhurkha Dutt…..Hiding her true personality behind nauseating acrobatic of meaningless words!!!!!!Let the wisdom dawn on her and let her live Truthfully for the good of her and others……………

  14. Mohammed Zaki

    barkha got owned, flat out! what is she doing on air, still???

  15. JJ

    As Borat would say to Agnivesh, “Naaice !” “High five !”

  16. saajna

    Barkha Dutt, Its been many months you still sitting Mum on NIRA RADIA TAPE, why dit you lobbied to make a person MINISTER, and second why did you lobbied , what you got in return and third this is the case which coincidently came in light , there might be hundereds of cases where you favoured some one to get some post, or contracts, or license, of status etc. , Would you help the nation and tell that how many other cases are their where you have lobbied or pressured the govt.

  17. pics

    Dear Barkha,

    You and Mr. Agnivesh (I dont want to call him swami as he not fit to be called so) were laughing out to glory when Mr. Agnivesh said Anna Hazare is now suffering from a special disease of “antar atma not telling him to stop fasting” on the show the other day.

    It is rather a very sorry state of affairs when people like this gentleman, a back stabber are given the status of swami. You on your show also supported him…..thank God this man has been exposed.

    The whole world has come to know how you both ridiculed “Anna”. “Time” is on Anna’s side and people who are fence sitters or masked are exposed.

    You are the greatest hideous character in the process and a great opportunist.

    You have no credibility.

    Birds of the same feather flock together – you and Mr. Agnivesh………………God knows whats your future…

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