Anti-corruption campaigner’s error of judgement

An item in Raisina Tattle, the gossip colum in the Delhi tabloid, Mail Today.

Image: courtesy Mail Today

Also read: Bangalore journos named in site allotment scam

Only in India: 90% off for journalists!

Cash transfer scheme is already here for journalists

Media houses are sitting on plots leased at one rupee!


  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    “Planning to lodge a complaint”? If and when done, the newspaper should carry the report.

  2. Its the wisdom of senior members of parliament that prevailed to day to reach the Standing Committee who are entitled to include in the main personality of the presented Bill, the knowledgeable / scholastic people, the NGOs, the best principles of laws from other countries and so on. The Bill is finally shaped and recommended to Parliament for their voting to approval as per democratic / Republic laws. All the fetish debates inside and outside went unheard due to lack of anchoring of information on law making constitutes.

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