Another boilerplate redesign from Mario Garcia

Hindustan, the Hindi newspaper owned by the Hindustan Times group, has undergone a redesign in its 75th year. On top is the relaunch edition with the new design by Mario Garcia; below is yesterday’s front page, with an anchor story heralding the new design. Hindustan Times had been redesigned by the same designer in July 2009.

An internal communication in HT reads:

“A significant landmark achieved recently was Hindustan overtaking Dainik Bhaskar to become the 2nd largest read daily in the country…. To maintain the growth momentum, and to  become more relevant to our youthful readers,  we have re-launched Hindustan this morning with the new proposition  “Tarakki Ko Chahiye Naya Nazariya“. From now onwards Hindustan will strive to provide readers with perspectives in a way that helps them move ahead in life.”

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Good heavens, another Mario Garcia redesign

Yet another paper redesigned by Mario Garcia

How come Mario Garcia didn’t redesign this one?

Finally, a redesign not done by Mario Garcia

Less is better for the new, redesigned


  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    What wins readers? Content or merely the design? My vote is for content, it is helpful if the design is good. Else it does not matter.

  2. Hari

    Not a great design. Garcia is good in designing stuff in Roman script, and an utter failure in designing Indian language newspapers. Scripts of Indian languages gives an entirely different feeling and it has got a cultural connotation which Garcia is unable to understand. But still his designs are praised just because he has got a big brand name.

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