We, the Peepli Live: 42 OB vans at Jantar Mantar

There were 42 outside broadcasting (OB) vans of various TV stations at Jantar Mantar, the venue of the campaign against corruption launched by Anna Hazare, in New Delhi yesterday. Headlines Today, the news channel owned by the India Today group, had even set up a walk-in studio.

Photograph: Pritam Sengupta


  1. Are we still a democratic country? If country is indeed a democracy then how can an unelected set of people demand the right to enact a new law for Lok Pal. I fail to understand this completely.

    I am fed up of the corruption that the ministers in the UPA are alleged to have indulged in, but this does not mean that we should subvert the democratic process. The biggest cause of corruption in the country is our bloated government.

    There has to be reforms to make it easier for businesses to function in the country. But what we have in Jantar Mantar is a large jamboree of leftist forces. These people are demanding even larger government role in the country,and they will only end up creating even more corruption through the Lok Pal.

    Only elected representatives in the parliament have the right to enact new laws. If the activists at Jantar Mantar are so sure that they are representing the entire country, then they should stand for elections. If they win, they can do anything in the parliament.

    It almost seems as if the gathering at Jantar Mantar is also about stopping all development work in the country. They want to turn India back to the era when our growth rate was a meagre 3%….

    1. Shrinivas

      Objectivist Mantra,

      Democracy does not mean just casting the vote (or voting the caste, whichever way you prefer to read it) once every 5 years and sleeping for the remainder 4 years 11 months. It also means waking up and participating in if the government does not do what it is supposed to do. That is exactly what Mr. Anna Hazare is doing. You have an equal right in fighting for what you believe is right if the government fails to understand or deliver.


      1. Shrinivas ji,

        I just noticed your comment. You are right we need to pro-active in managing our government. But the only thing is that I think this Lok Pal bill will not serve the purpose of cleansing the system. Indian needs economic reform. In any case, we can’t outsource the process of making laws to anyone, howsoever well-intentioned he maybe. Because if we start outsourcing the power of making laws, then many other groups will also start clamoring for the same privilege.


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