Front pages from the morning after the big night

BELLUR RAMAKRISHNA forwards a collage of today’s newspaper from heralding India’s magnificent triumph in the 2011 cricket World Cup (click on the image for a larger view). You can see an assemblage of English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada newspapers, and the odd Sri Lankan paper.

If nearly 60% of the country is below 25 years of age, the collage is a reminder of what 1983 was to nearly two-thirds of the country that wasn’t born when Kapil Dev and his men did ditto—in pre-liberalised India, an age before satellite television, when one-day cricket was played over 60 overs.


  1. Naran

    Nice to see this collage of today’s newspaper front pages.

    What is really surprising is how so many business houses managed to get their display ads congratulating the Indian team on their World Cup victory in this morning’s newspapers, considering the fact that the final result came quite late last night. Of course, the companies must have booked their ads well in advance anticipating an Indian victory, but what if the Sri Lankans turned the tables on India? The ad departments in the newspapers concerned must have really worked very hard last night to see that the
    “well done, India’ ads appeared this morning as if on cue.

  2. There is such a severe scarcity of positive news coming out of India that whenever we have smallest achievement, our media clutches on it like a drowning man would hold on to the flimsiest straw.

    Thanks to the geniuses and so-called patriots at the helm of UPA2, for the last two years all we had was the news of scams. For the first time we have the sense of an achievement. So the Indians are celebrating a bit too wildly.

    Look at the way we confer demigod status to individuals who manage to win Gold, Silver or Bronze medals at Olympics. An Indian winning in any sport is rare, and hence it is precious.

    The thing is that the Sports industry in India is a political monopoly. Politicians control sports and use it to make millions of dollars. Look at what happened at CWG. I have no idea how clean the World Cups were, but we have the right to be suspicious.

    Now that the games are over, let the investigations begin…. TV Media is going to enjoy doing that. The TRP of scam related news programming is much higher than that of the general saas-bahu soaps.

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