Shoma Chaudhury in ‘150 most powerful’ list

Shoma Chaudhury, managing editor and one of the promoters of the weekly magazine Tehelka, has been named among the “150 Women Who Shake the World” in the re-launch issue of the American newsweekly, Newsweek.

“Champions women in India’s celebrated newsmagazine Tehelka,” is the seven-word caption for Chaudhury.

Newsweek has been relaunched this week under Tina Brown, former editor of Tatler,  Vanity Fair, New Yorker and Talk, who currently runs the webzine The Daily Beast.

Chaudhury had interviewed Brown during her 2007 India visit and written for The Daily Beast founded by her in 2009. Tehelka editor Tarun J. Tejpal interviewed Tina Brown during the Jaipur literature festival in 2009, was crowned muckraker-in-chief by the webzine earlier this year.

Tina Brown has been quoted as saying that “Tehelka is one of the most exciting news magazines in the world. Its probing in public interest, its vitality, enterprise and tenacity give it influence beyond the subcontinent.”

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  1. areader

    you scratch my back i scratch your back

  2. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    Incest by the daily beast should create a flutter (tehalka)!

  3. jena

    those who used to organise summits of the powerless have become the powerful. the powerless summiteers are still powerless, though.

  4. I would take any views expressed by Ms Tina Brown’s magazine with a fistful of salt.

    I am sure that Shoma is a competent editor, but to say that she is amongst the 150 most powerful is completely out of order.

    Such powerlists mean nothing.

    Maybe Newsweek is looking for some publicity in Tehelka and that is why they are trying to butter up its editor…

  5. mysore peshva

    not all smart people have good judgment, but i am sorry that ms. chaudhury is one of such smart people.

    i say that because i like this woman, and it bothers me that she has chosen a crass marxism, as evident in near-western economic egalitarianism, over the basic cultural justice/fairness inherent in india’s vedic traditions.

    this woman probably has read more marx than sankara. i believe that’s a serious problem for india — especially for india’s poor.

    it is all a pity, because if a tree’s roots are not strong, that tree cannot blossom big. ms. chaudhury’s embarrassing problem is that she has neglected to water her own roots — she has ignored her her indian (vedic) roots. ms. chaudhury is a thaparian egalitarian that is little aware of the upanishads or sankara or einstein or vivekananda, which in my view is to the great detriment of her readers, especially given how loud she is.

  6. billy goel

    surely ms chaudhury knows her marx, groucho to be precise. It’s a delight to read her coo her petulant outrage at whatever happens in india and the world from her south delhi perch.

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