‘Good morning! Your paper is free of paid news!’

In this era of mercenary managers and predatory proprietors, brave is the editor who can actually stick his neck out—at least in public—and vouch for the virginity of his product. But Aditya Sinha, the new editor-in-chief of the Bombay daily Daily News & Analysis (DNA), clearly doesn’t mind taking the risk.

At least, if nothing else, to send a signal to managers and proprietors who have hired him.

The masthead of the paper now sports a seal affirming that the paper is free of the latest scourge of Indian journalism—paid news. And this, in the cradle of the newspaper group that is seen to be the motherlode of all things negative about the profession: medianet, paid news, private treaties and what have you.

For the record, DNA, under its previous editor R. Jagannathan, had kicked off a front-page campaign in 2009 against paid news with a set of advertisements.

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Aditya Sinha on the world view of Delhi journalists


  1. VALVE

    I Knew it,DNA along with CNN-IBN tried to defame saffron swami Baba Ramdev.
    They claimed that Baba was responisble for the death of 2 people via car crash but Baba Ramdev,next day in his yog shivir slammed that report.
    Baba Ramdev said on 15th feb 2011 that Police vehicle were the cause of death of 2 people.Media wrongly reported the incident.

    In the end Ramdevji prayed for the peace of souls of the two who were killed due to crash with a police vehicle.

  2. Pooja

    Someone please ask Mr Sinha is he aware of his entertainment supplement (after hours, edited by a former miss india aspirant turned model turned journalist) does barter deals with advertisers all the time. The advertisers give them ads and After Hours prints good things about them. One journalist, who has since moved to Bombay Times, used to specialize at this. Now this batton has been passed onto a star reporter at After Hours.It is one thing saying the paper is free of paid news and it is another thing the paper being free of paid news…

    1. Puja

      Hi Pooja, this piece of information is totally false. Don’t know where you got this from. Would request you to please refrain from posting malicious comments on websites. As you know, it’s not actually difficult to track who’s doing it…

      1. Hi Puja,a comment forum is place where all speak loud. But that doesn’t mean you threaten them of ‘tracking’. One has refuted that and it has been noted. But threatening ‘tracking’, smacks of the ‘state administration’s’ hig handed nature,-which is used by state to suppress voices.Please don’t threaten….

  3. Guardian UK On ‘Paid news’

    reports how Times MediaNet offered to fix it.

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