Times Now. Times Now. Times Now. Times Now.

The reason more people eat hen’s eggs, rather than duck’s eggs which are arguably tastier, is that the poor, overworked hen not only lays the egg but also goes around proclaiming that it has laid one.

Arnab Goswami has clearly read the old advertising principle.

After the disgraced former telecom minister A. Raja was arrested in the 2G spectrum allocation scam on Wednesday, Times Now went on an overdrive to claim credit before other channels could put their pants on.

Under the rubric “Times Impact”, the channel proclaimed:

# Raja first nailed by Times Now

# Times Now first exposed Raja’s role on November 3

# Raja sacked 12 days after Times Now exposed 2G scam

# CBI arrested Raja 3 months after Times Now expose

# CBI briefing (announcing Raja’s arrest) at 5 pm, Times Now broke story at 3 pm

# First pictures of (Raja’s brother) Perumal arrest on Times Now

# Times Now first channel to ask ten 10 questions 10 minutes after arrest.

OK, OK all those “supers” except the last one.

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Everybody loves to claim credit for an expose


  1. J

    Hmm.. And I think the Perumal news turned out to be false.

  2. lol.. after Arnab.. the next top topic sure is “Times Impact”…

  3. Madhusudan Thakkar

    Headlines Today is also telling that they first broke the story in electronic media.CNN-IBN is is also barking that they first broke story on CAG report.It is sad to note that nobody os giving credit to Gopalkrishnan of Pionner.

  4. Naran

    It is amusing to see every other TV news channel claiming credit for being the first to ‘expose’ the Spectrum scam and A Raja. Today
    [Wednesday] both Times Now and Headlines Today have been repeatedly making this claim. What exactly is the truth?

  5. mysore peshva

    “Have you no sense of modesty, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of modesty?” 🙂 (with apologies to Joseph Welch.)

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