Cash transfer scheme is already here for journos

A preferential allotment of a house or a house site to a journalist (or media house) can now be ferreted out by an RTI application. A car or a SUV is a moving advertisement. A harmless retainership for the lawyer-son can be cruelly outed by the Niira Radia tapes. A free ride in a Reliance plane can soon be the talk of the town (wink, wink). And you can’t even pick up a stake in an IPL team without somebody noticing.

So, how do you bribe an honest, hardworking Indian journalist in the year of the lord 2011 without being seen to be bribing him/her? Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) shows the way.

Facsimile: courtesy Mail Today


  1. Meghana

    Thats the best that Congress does … buying off media. And just as Advani said, “when they were asked to bend, they crawled”. Its still true.

  2. Mackintosh

    Have journalists lost all sense of shame?

  3. Cash transfer scheme? These are going on and on for decades. Who isn’t fooling whom? The entire profession is being prostituted by a large bunch of self-seekers based essentially in Delhi, many of them columnists — of fifth columnists from the Fourth Estate — the Radia tape touching just the tip of the ice berg; and not to mention the ones in Mumbai and down to mofussil centres: all of them living a life out of playing second fiddle to the men in power and positions. Each corrupt politician in this country survives by sharing the booty, yes, crumbs only, with the powerful ones in the media; and that includes the barons as well. With uncouth elements flying around, journalism in India has turned out to be the worst of the rackets of our times. Justice Hegde is right; there is loot right, left and centre.

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