NDTV, CNN-IBN and Mani Shankar Aiyar “Live”

Reader Kollery S. Dharan forwards two screengrabs, shot with his mobile phone, of the 10 pm shows of NDTV 24×7 and CNN-IBN on Thursday, 13 January 2011.

Both channels carry the “live” logo on the top right-hand corner. And “live” on both channels at the same time on the same day is the diplomat-turned-politician Mani Shankar Aiyar.

For Barkha Dutt‘s show The Buck Stops Here (left), Aiyar, in a grey coat, offers his wisdom on the dynastic democracy that Patrick French says India has become.

For Sagarika Ghose‘s show Face the Nation (right), Aiyar, now in a beige/ light brown coat, holds forth on Pakistan’s identity crisis. The two pictures were captured at 10.22 pm and 10.23 pm.

So, which channel had Mani Shankar Aiyar “live” last night? Or has Aiyar broken the time-space continuum?


  1. One Mani Shankar Aiyar was too many. Now that both faketweetfactory CNNIBN and the fixer Barkha Dutt claim he is live on their channel simultaneously.

    Which one is a clone? Unless ofcourse there is machine invented by CONgrass or the CON media where an identical twin was manufactured, could not have been produced and grown to such an age in a matter of hours.

    Two Mani Shankar Aiyars. Would be too much for us Indian to stomach.

    The lies continue each passing day these channel go down deeper in credibility.

    Waiting for their demise.

    Anil Kohli

  2. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    Heck, if you can’t trust them even on whether it was prerecorded or actually live, we viewers are dead!

  3. ‘investigative journalism’ at its best! just like Iraq had Sadda Hussain look alike , I feel privileged to have Aiyyar ji.


    what will sagarika and/or barkha say now ? whose errorofjudgement was it and what are the “learnings” ?

  4. Indian Girl

    what will sagarika and/or barkha say now ? whose errorofjudgement was it and what are the “learnings” ?

  5. Dinesh

    Website getting nailed every day on some issue or the other ….

  6. “Or has Aiyar broken the time-space continuum?”

    I really love the above quoted line.

    Indian politicians and the top movers and shakers of Indian TV news are increasingly considering themselves above the law of land and law of the nature. The laws of gravity, time, space, etc, which apply to common creatures of this planet do not apply to them.

    The demigods and demigoddesses of politics and media are easily capable of moving forward and back in time…

  7. chakrabuhya

    It’s happened in India only !

  8. rajen patel

    one channel did the coverage of post godhra for 5/-million $.interviewed only muslims.those 50 who were burnt alive their family members were never interviewed.all these channels are directly or indirectly owned by congress.repoters and the presenters are paid by political parties.

  9. Vishal

    Poor common man!

    Barkha Dutta speaks good English and is a bold, educated lady. She has costly cars and has taken many interviews of high profile people. Though she isn’t attractive as Katrina/Aishwarya, people know her.

    Common man, who study hard, work hard and is the main strength of Indian private sector belives her for truth and justice. BUT all that has been denied by her, money and fame has taken Barkha’s mind to go insane!

    Lets not belive, follow news channel too much, use them for entertainment. Just belive in you and your money. This country with Congress Govt is gone to a gutter full of corrupt people and scamasters.

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