It’s a no contest in a “keen contest” of headlines

Vishwas Krishna forwards a Twitter link of the number of times The Hindu looks forward to a “keen contest on the cards”.

For the record, a Google search for “ keen contest on the cards” generates 1,930 results in 0.05 seconds.


  1. Andy

    Good one !

  2. sheela

    About 1,960 results (0.07 seconds)
    They may consult VBhat for heading…

  3. There’s one more: type ‘the guilty will not be spared’ in
    the Google search bar and hit . Page after page, the results show
    statements made by Indian politicians – you have to scroll to the
    fifth page to find a non-Indian’s usage of the statement. It’s
    another matter that none of these guilty – ranging from Suresh
    Kalmadi to A Raja to the Adarash scamsters – are punished. regards,

  4. Vishnu

    Another one is from Malayalam news channels. Whenever the ruling CPM-led LDF meets, the channels say, “crucial meeting”. Meeting after meeting, I have no idea why these meetings were crucial and what came out of them.

    The same “crucial” is never said when the Congress-led UDF meets.

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