Salmaan Taseer: The Tavleen Singh connection

Indian media reports of the assassination of the Pakistani politician Salmaan Taseer have been deferentially silent on his “Indian connection”—his dalliance with the columnist Tavleen Singh.

Although Twitter is abuzz, most newspapers (including The Indian Express, which carries Singh’s column on Sundays) have preferred to ignore any mention of the cross-border connection.


An IANS report: “Salman Taseer came to India in March 1980 to promote a laudatory biography of Pakistan’s leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. According to columnist Khushwant Singh, Taseer met Tavleen Singh at the Oberoi hotel where he stayed and fell in love with her. The two married briefly, but fell apart swiftly, leading to much bitterness.”

Sankarshan Thakur writes in The Telegraph: “Taseer teased the edge in private as he did in public. He married thrice and a brief tryst with Indian journalist Tavleen Singh produced his best-known progeny, author Aatish Taseer.”

Aakar Patel writes in Mumbai Mirror: “Taseer was fond of women and stories about his sexual appetite were part of his legend. With socialite-writer Tavleen Singh, he fathered a boy.”

Sameer Arshad and Omer Farooq Khan in The Times of India: “Taseer married twice and fathered six children including Indian journalist Tavleen Singh’s son, Aatish Taseer.”

A report in The Economic Times: “Born in London in 1980 to Taseer, the slain governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, and renowned Indian journalist Tavleen Singh , a Sikh by faith, Aatish always wanted to discover the faith of his father, Islam.”


  1. Raja

    Correction: The Indian Express does mention the Tavleen
    connection on page 2 of its report which continues from page 1: “He
    also has a son, writer Aatish Taseer, with journalist and The
    Indian Express columnist Tavleen Singh.”

  2. Atanu Chatterjee

    It really makes me sad as to the killings of independent thinking persons throughout the world.Religious fanatism should stopped forthwith and all nation should take a pledge.

  3. Sanjay

    What’s surprising is that everyone is noticing Pakistani fanaticism only now, as if it’s something new. While the naive Western media can be expected to make this mistake, it’s ridiculous to see Indian media following their lead when India’s experiences with Pakistan should make us know better.

  4. Jayasri

    “…….Produced his best-known progeny, ” ; “fathered a boy..”. Very clumsily put. It IS possible to be elegant while invading the privacy of bereaved people.

  5. sanjana

    now i understand y tavleen is what she comes across as.

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