‘ET Wealth’ skirts ethical rekha from issue one

After bundling The Speaking Tree with The Times of India, the country’s biggest newspaper group has unveiled a new product that comes bundled with The Economic TimesET Wealth.

The 48-page personal finance newspaper, in a Berliner format a la Bombay Mirror, is issued with ET on Mondays. It will be supplied free in the first two weeks, but will be prized at Rs 5 each week after that.

In other words, the onus is on the subscriber to let the hawker/ vendor know if she does not want ET Wealth with his paper every Monday. Or else, the monthly ET bill surreptitiously swells by Rs 20 or 25.

Edited by former Business Today editor Rohit Saran, ET Wealth skirts with the non-existent ethical lakshman rekha from issue no. 1.

The only advertiser in the launch issue is Nirmal Jain-owned private wealth management firm, India Infoline.

There are six strip ads, eight quarter-page ads, nine half-page ads, and three full-page ads, all of IIFL, without disclosing even once that IIFL is a Times Private Treaties partner. Which means that the Times group is invested in the advertising company that is selling its wares to readers.

Also, the real estate pages in ET Wealth have been compiled with magicbricks.com, again without revealing that the online realty firm is a Times of India property.


  1. Amazing! How many skeletons does the media have in thier cupboard. Thanks for reminding me to tell the hawker that I don’t need ET wealth, because I simply can’t afford to fork out another 25Rupees per month…

    1. praveen

      Just check a ET wealth . It is one of the best product by Times Group.

      It is worth to pay Rs. 5 for such a informative paper.
      With just one problem in ET wealth is about day of delivery . It should be on friday rather than on working Monday.

      Your Monthly charge of 20 Rs. is very much recovered by 48 Broadsheet pages which gives you scrap cost of 8 Rs. per Month.

      Make Money with knowledge than money.

  2. Reader

    What ethical rekha are we talking of? If India infoline has dominated the first issue- and it happens to be Times Private Treaties partner- does it really make difference to the content of this excellent product, or what India infoline brings to the table for readers????
    I have read the first issue, and it is an excellent product…I would pay the extra cost to my hawker to ensure this product

  3. Senthilkumar

    Really superb!!!

  4. Molly Varghese

    when i asked the vendor to disconitnue ET Wealth, he threatened me with discontinuing ET from his side… says it is mandatory to buy ET Wealth..How do I deal with him????

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