Opinion poll: India’s most trusted media outlet?

With a cloud of suspicion hovering over the credibility of the bold-faced names of Indian media following the Niira Radia tapes—and institutional disasters such as paid news, private treaties, medianet and the lot—it was just a matter of time before someone twisted the knife even further.

Offstumped, the right-of-centre blog that claims to offer “commentary on an impatient and aspirational India”, has been first off the block with a survey on India’s most credible media outlet. Pinch yourself, multiple voting ensures that the right-of-centre Pioneer is leading the list.

Poll: courtesy Offstumped


  1. areader@gmail.com

    pioneer! lol! the poll speaks more about offstumped than about the indian media!

  2. Sam

    You guys realize that it is very easy to manipulate these polls right? All I have to do is delete my browser cookies, change my IP address (by disconnecting and reconnecting again to the internet) and I can vote again (and again, and again …).

    That’s why a newspaper, like Pioneer, that is not even worth using as a toilet paper is leading this poll.

    It’s the BJP’s highly successful IPD (internet proganda division) at work. (For those of you who don’t know, the Pioneer is a BJP sponsored newspaper). If I remember right, the last internet poll they successfully manipulated was an NDTV poll where they made sure that Bhagat Singh would lead over other Congress leaders.


    P.S: The readers should also be aware that Offstumped, the creator of this poll is also a sangh supporter.

  3. Yella Ok

    None of the above is my choice. Is there indeed a truly trustworthy platform free of biases and really objective. This poll done on a “left-of-centre” blog would have provided (almost) diametrically opposite results. Is this the bane of India – left is left, right is right, never the twain shall meet!!!!

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