Bangalore journos named in site allotment scam

It’s raining scams across the country—and the media is increasingly getting caught in the downpour with its pants down. In just the last few weeks, newspapers, magazines and TV stations have stood accused of conflict of interest, outright plagiarism, questionable business practices, and equally questionable journalistic practices.

In the backdrop of the Adarsh scam in Bombay which claimed the head of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan, the preferential allotment of vacant plots and houses to media houses and mavens as a form of favouritism, if not subtle bribery, has drawn attention too.

Last week, in Tehelka magazine, the BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad raised the issue of media houses pontificating on ethics while sitting on land leased at one rupee (yes, Re 1).

Hundreds of plots around the country have been given to big media houses in Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida on Re. 1 lease. What about them? If you want to raise a question on discretionary quota, then please check every allotment.

In its latest issue, Tehelka runs a cover story titled “Land Scam 2.0“, in which it carries a “partial list” of Karnataka journalists who have been allotted expensive house plots in Bangalore under the controversial “G” category of the chief minister. And if the buzz is to be believed, one of those on the list has already had to pay a price for his apparent indiscretion with his job.

If Ashok Chavan’s relatives and B.S. Yediyurappa‘s could return their allotments after being caught, will the journalists?

Screenshot: courtesy Tehelka

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  1. varsa

    the list was tabled in the assembly as long as 2007. if you want the copy i can give it. even Jaswanth Sing was alloted site!

  2. Andy

    Agree with Varsa…the list has more names.

    Here are the names for those interested:

    Journalists given sites by SM Krishna in 2002

    •E.V. Satyanarayana (Prajavani),
    •Gunda Bhat (Samyukta Karnataka),
    •B.S. Arun (Deccan Herald)
    •Girish Nikam (then Newstime),
    •K.G. Vasuki (then ANI, now Pioneer),
    •B.P. Mallappa (Sanjevani),
    •V.V. Mallikarjuna (Kannada Prabha),
    •M. Siddaraju (PTI),
    •G.A. Prasanna Kumar (Udayavani),
    •Rudrappa (Vijaya Karnataka),
    •B.R. Srikanth (then Outlook, now with Deccan Chronicle),
    •Habib Beary,
    •Hunaswadi Rajan (Samyukta Karnataka),
    •K.M. Shivaraj (freelance),
    •Shashidhar Bhat (Zee),
    •H.R. Ranganath (then with Kannada Prabha, now Suvarna News),
    •M.C. Satyanarayana (former Kannada Prabha editor);
    •Cartoonist N.K. Ranganath,

    1. raam

      SHASHIDHAR BHAT (than kannada prabha & kaveri tv, samay tv etc)tops the list in G category…

  3. B S ARUN

    Though given a site, I would like to clarify that I have not taken it. I had written to the then CM and Bangalore Development Authority in this regard – B S Arun.

  4. Harishchandra Bhat

    M C Sathyanarayana is not the former editor of Kannada Prabha, he is a district correspondent

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