Daily Archives: 24 November 2010

In which, Adolf Hitler reacts to “Barkhagate”

So what if “mainstream media”, assuming such a beast exists, ignores the Niira Radia tapes in the 2G scam involving, among others, topguns of journalism like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi and Prabhu Chawla? Also read: ´╗┐This is “All India Radia” Advertisements

‘Quantitative growth vs qualitative improvement’

Editorial in Business Standard: “These exposes [of paid news, nexus between media professionals and corporate lobbyists, etc] are, however, only the tip of an iceberg of professional misconduct in the Indian media. “The unprecedented quantitative growth of media in the past decade has overtaken qualitative improvement. The enormous improvement in financial compensation has, paradoxically, blunted…