Would our media spend Rs 20 lakh on a ‘junket’?

A PTI story estimating US President Barack Obama‘s India trip at $200 million a day prompted CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to do some number-crunching, and elicited a column from Pulitzer prize winning New York Times foreign affairs columnist Tom Friedman, and a response from PTI editor-in-chief M.K. Razdan.

Now, the Indian Express has a diary item on the expense incurred by US journalsits who hopped on the President’s “junket”.

Image: courtesy The Indian Express


  1. abhi 2.0

    all your hyperlinks point to the same IE article!!??

  2. A carefully followed this up and produced an interesting story. The same can be accessed at: http://neerajbhushan.com/2010/12/14/200-mn-pti-lie-truth-on-obamas-india-trip/

    Thanks for sharing.

    Regards | Neeraj

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