India’s important businessman meets Obama

There were at least 200 guests—ministers, bureaucrats, businessmen, media mavens, et al—at Indian president Pratibha Patil‘s banquet for her visiting American counterpart, Barack H. Obama.

Among the tycoons present were Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata, and Rahul Bajaj and Sunil Mittal.

But two Delhi newspapers, The Indian Express (top) and The Times of India, agree that only one guest’s handshake with the most powerful speaker on earth is worthy enough to be shown to the world: Subroto Roy‘s.

The two papers printed the picture of controversial bossman of the controversial company Sahara, explaining the intracicies of statecraft to the Obamas, on their business pages.

Apropos of nothing.

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1 Comment

  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    Is it possible that 1) it was poor editorial judgement; 2)no other businessman was snapped by the photographer; and 3) this is advertisement masquerading as a picture? After all, we are in the era of paid news and who knows, Roy is planning to expand to the USA?

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