Censored, but no copies have been confiscated

Since January 2009, India has “censored” The Economist “newspaper” 31 times, mostly for its depiction of Kashmir in its maps. Usually, newsstand copies are more at risk of attracting the “illegal stamp” against subscription copies.

Image: courtesy The Economist

Link via Boing Boing

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1 Comment

  1. AG

    I look forward to the day when The Economist will cover corruption in India in specific terms, not generic terms.

    I do not welcome amorphous statements saying 80% of the Indian leaders are corrupt, or that 60% of the judiciary is corrupt — for, these descriptions only provide the warmth and comfort of numbers to all those involved. Such news does not shock any Indian and will not be censored by Indian government.

    Indian media being severely constrained, I wish The Economist could show some spine. It can afford to.

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