For a few TV rating points more, a life was lost

Mail Today, the tabloid newspaper owned by the India Today group (which also owns the Hindi TV channel Aaj Tak), reports that two TV journalists have been arrested named in Ahmedabad for coaxing a man to immolate himself outside a police station in front of their cameras.

The journalists—Mayur Raval and Kamlesh Raval—belonging to TV9 Gujarat and a local cable company GTPL, reportedly urged Kalpesh Mistry, 29, to set himself on fire to protest his harassment by police over a property dispute. Mistry suffered 90 per cent burns and later died in hospital.

An eye witness to the incident says the journalists were busy shooting the immolation instead of helping the victim. “They told me not to bother about it as it was all a drama,” the tea vendor reportedly told the police.

Police have booked a a case of abetment of suicide under section 306 of the Indian penal code against the two journalists. Protests by journalists organisations decrying threats to the freedom of the press are awaited.

Facsimile: courtesy Mail Today


  1. Prabhu. Mallikarjunan

    This is nothing but a disgrace to the profession.Movies like ‘Peepli’ are reminding journalist’s missing ethics and yet these things are continued…

    1. bangalorean

      In family also ethics are not there. between husband and wife also shameless people interfere and break family.what ethics that is. go see family court and see how society is torn in a planned way by outsiders of family

  2. ಚಾಮರಾಜ ಸವಡಿ

    Such things, but less minor one, have also taken place in Kannada journalism. Planted stories are spoiling real journalism. Such people are the real threat to journalism.

    Journalists are not special creatures. They should be suitably punished to prove this point.

    1. I agree with chamaraj sir. Journalists are not any special than commoners. This is really a shameful incident.

  3. thomas mc

    Journalism used to be a respectable profession, not anymore. I’d have more respect for a prostitute.

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