Why the internet won’t replace newspapers—III

At a rally organised by the Congress party in Bellary on Monday, upon the culmination of a fortnight-long pada yatra (foot march) from Bangalore, 320 km away, members of the audience use newspapers to protect themselves from the searing sun in Sonia Gandhi‘s former constituency.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Newspapers as a weapon


  1. M Vijapurkar

    So newspapers have their uses, after all. Apart from wrapping fish!

  2. Sonam

    Yes, they have their uses, because a newspaper is available in places where there is no electricity for internet.

  3. Shayan

    They do have their usages beyond doubt. And this extends much beyond wrapping fish and protecting oneself from the scorching sun. Newspaper are not to be completely replaced,however they can be modified to fit the modern readers.

  4. Namrata

    Also the very fact that a newspaper is more easily portable-it fits anywhere, can be rolled up, sat on, dropped,stuffed in any corner and still tell us the news..! it’s value remains the same..!

  5. inGuy

    An arguably good reason is that you can stick warning labels such as these on newspaper articles:

    It is very hard to stick labels on the internet.

    We need one for paid news, specially for India. I hope one of you will write to Tom Scott!

    Another development today about crowdsourcing fact checking:

    What do you guys think ?

    🙂 Enjoy!

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