Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gets gag order on Agni, TV9

The following is the full text of the press release issued by “India’s future Nobel laureate“, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar‘s art of living (AoL) foundation on an injunction order obtained by it against sections of the media in Bangalore following the recent spurt of news:

“On behalf of Vyakti Vikas Kendra (VVKI), India, and the Art of Living foundation, we  would like to inform all  concerned that considering our case and request, the court of honourable 22nd additional district and sessions judge, Bangalore City, was pleased to grant an ad-interim prohibitory injunction in original suit no. 4583/2010 instituted on our behalf by virtue of which prohibiting the defendants Shridhar alias Agni Shridhar, M.S. Ravindra, Sayyed Aman alias Bachan, Rajshekar Hathgundhi, Manjunath Adde alias Adde of Agni tabloid, M. Krishnappa, Paul Fernandes, Shankar alias Mavalli Shankar of Karnataka dalit sangharsha samiti and M/s TV9 Karnataka and News-9 satellite television channels from indulging in any nature of writing, publishing in press media,  audio visual media or in any form any derogatory or defamatory material , article, speech against the Art of Living foundation or VVKI and its founder, his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, till further order . The case next stands posted on 9th Aug 2010.”

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  1. Khan

    VVKI and its founder, his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, till further orde

    The Indian court accept the “holiness” of an individual/shanker???? Surprising!!!!

  2. Roger

    When the firing in his Ashram matter, He forgiven his attacker instantly, why he is not forgiving this Agni and others?
    The self claimed God want to fight legal battle.

  3. yoda

    @Khan: Nothing surprising, as it does not need holiness to be proven to Indian court. An injunction is not permanent and can be challenged. Finally Ravi Shankar would have sufficient grounds to ask for a temporary injunction in any case until August. The alleged statements seem to be not mere opinions or fair comment but statements presented as factual, so if these are false (=not substantially true) Ravi Shankar is on a strong wicket. It may be a genuine use of defamation laws, finally !

    The other variety is more plentiful though. The abuse of defamation allegation is an old trick. Even so more recently as allegation of cyber defamation has become a very easy way to harass anyone you want to harass, especially whistle blowers, thanks to the new IT Act. Eager lawyers, corrupt police and corrupt corporates are all exploiting it to the hilt.

    The most recent case is of a whistle blower who has fled to Singapore to escape police harassment mounted by an Indian company. Understandable, as Singapore is a place with rule of law, unlike India which is a place of rule of money power and political power.

    Detailed News:

    Another case is in which a competitor or whistle blower is being hounded (according to report ) on flimsy pretexts. This is also related to Singapore by the way.

    The IT Act’s provisions need a thorough review, along with Police Reform which is long overdue, and whistle blower protection. Feel free to get in touch and build momentum !

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