‘Tehelka’ announces its school of journalism

The Times of India, The Indian Express, Malayala Manorama, The Pioneer, Aaj Tak, NDTV… all have set up journalism schools. Now, Tehelka joins the club.

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  1. A

    Where’s Tehelka getting all this new money from? Why has Tehelka’s holding company changed from Agni Media Pvt Ltd to Anant Media Pvt Ltd? Which big industrialist’s son is called Anant?

  2. They’ve notched up the number of advertisements in the magazine and increased the price of the same, almost since a year now. So that’s where the money’s coming from. As for “Which big industrialist’s son is called Anant?” – that was my first reaction too when I heard about this. Can’t say about the school but one thing’s for sure – listening to T. Tejpal speaking would be awesome and immensely inspiring. He’s a pretty terrific orator. I’d love to be in the class just for that.


    dear sir tehlka shuld take the issue of UPSC arbitrary and secretive functioning .the are playing with the future of youth it is only u who can crack and expose upsc .please take this burning issue students are hunger strike at jantar mantar presently instant attention is needed as the 2010 prelims result are full of discrepancy

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