News editors are passe. Hello news auditors.

The Times group is looking for news auditors to beef up its quality control team “to conduct “regular checks and analysis… of all editions of The Times of India and it’s supplements. The job involves hunting for deviations/ errors including factual and syntax.” Amen.


  1. These people can go to hell. If you have functioning editors, you wouldn’t need “news auditors.” They need to go back to school and relearn the first thing about what editors do. The stuff the advert says are things that are supposed to be done by counsel(at least in my days). This ad is clearly from people who are inexperienced in this business.

  2. Heh, at least they recognize they have a problem.

  3. mysore peshva

    hello?! shouldn’t somebody be doing this already?

  4. M K Vidyaranya

    Better if they hire retired English Grammar
    teachers and ask them to teach all editorial staff right from Editors to cub-reporters.

    1. For chris’ sakes, NO! Grammar teachers are the worst possible choice. There are already too many of these people in journalism across Asia. It should be the other way round: editors/journalists teaching grammarians & teachers how to write properly.

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