‘The PM did his job; it’s the media that didn’t’

Manoj Joshi in Mail Today:

“The Prime Minister alone cannot be blamed for the lacklustre national press conference he held on Monday.

“True, he did not articulate an overarching vision for his government, nor for the country, for what is being touted as our decade of opportunity.

“The media in equal measure failed to extract that vision from him. It got distracted in trivial issues like his retirement or relations with Sonia Gandhi, things on which you are unlikely to get an honest answer through the medium of a press conference anyway, especially from a person who is notoriously reticent.

“By its very nature, the media has a short take on events and developments. Even so, in a national press conference, perhaps the third held by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, their viewers and readers deserved better. They needed to be informed about the government’s longerterm perspective on relations with China, the energy crisis, how the Right to Education or Food Security Bill would work, what would happen if the monsoon failed the second time around and so on.”

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  1. Kamal Gopinath

    could have been put better.

  2. Sukhdeepak

    It was silly to ask such questions like retirement from politics instead of real issues like inflation, security etc.

  3. ERR

    One chance after 4 years; Media, just blew it.

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