Are all the best looking anchors in language TV?

Anything goes in the name of social media.

In the spirit of the times, a 24-year-old male from Poona has created a group to gawk at and rate India’s hottest television news anchors on itimes, the social media site created by The Times of India‘s internet division.

Hectic polling is on to rank the “most beautiful  news readers”, and the real surprise is that there is no one from the English media space who makes the cut except Ankita Mukherjee of NDTV 24×7 who is wrongly referred to as Ankita Banerjee.


  1. S Krishna Kumar

    What does this “language TV” mean? Is English not a language? Recently, The Times of India Bangalore edition carried a smilar headline: Actress (Kushboo) claims language media misquoted her.
    It’s beyond comprehension.

  2. Ashwini

    Well said Krishna Kumar. Why cant they simply be referred as regional languages ? I have heard the use of term “vernaculars” to describe regional though it were from some other world..

  3. Anand Balaji

    I suppose “vernacular” literally means “language of the slaves” or natives, as we were called in colonial times. So much for our British masters. So that term too is just as condescending as any.

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