If you trust polls, trust in Indian media dips

As the blizzard of paid-for news, cooked-up results, corruption scandals, cross-media ownership, conflict of interest, etc blows across the Indian media landscape, the 2010 Edelman trust barometer shows a sharp drop in trust in the news media in India over the past two years.

# Trust in business magazines: down to 47% from 72%

# Trust in TV news: down to 36% from 61%

# Trust in newspapers: down to 40% from 61%

The survey was produced by the research firm StrategyOne and consisted of 25-minute telephone interviews from September 29 to December 6, 2009. The survey sampled 4,875 respondents in 22 countries in two age groups (25-34 and 35-64).

The Edelman survey results are exactly opposite to the findings of the national election survey 2009 by the Lokniti team of the centre for study of developing societies which found that 45% greatly trusted what they read in newspapers, and a similar number somewhat trusted newspaper reports.

Visit the website: 2010 Edelman trust barometer

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1 Comment

  1. ayyo amma

    protestations of innocence by vir and barkha are bizarre. both of them have been caught with their paws in the cookie jar , stealing the cookie and both are essentially saying that they were tasting the cookies so that others could be served (i.e we could give news to the readers/viewers and radia was our source)
    they have turned out to be low rate fixers and naturally the journalist community should be ashamed of them

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