How Arun Shourie became the Express editor

Magsaysay Award-winning former Indian Express editor turned BJP ideologue, Arun Shourie, in conversation with Mahesh Sarma:

How did you get the Indian Express editor’s job?

Emergency had passed [in 1977]. I had got to know [Express proprietor] Ramnath Goenka through many episodes. And the Janta Party had come to power. We were staying in Mr Goenka’s house in Bangalore.

He asked what I was doing and I said, “What do you mean what am I doing? I can’t find a job, I am writing a book.

He said, ‘Stupid, who is going to read your book? No one is going to read it. You are not finding a job, I can’t find any young man, you come. I’ll tell the editor to give you some big title.’

That is my letter of appointment.

Photograph: courtesy The Hindu Business Line

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  1. yet_another_hindu_infidel


    Some people can’t differentiate between a fundoo and a sincere man.

    Right now, there is a riot happening in rae bareilly. We are not sure what has happened behind the curtains but no news channel or online publications have revealed that this is a brawl between the hindus and the muslims. Instead that have said that “two groups” have clashed. And that the place has been under curfew for the past 2 weeks. It has something to do with the disruption of a “holi” procession and a muslim leader making provocative speeches. Why has the media exercised restraint? Whose orders are these news channels following? Is it that I&B minister ambika soni? A similar censorship was applied in mysore riots and the maharashtra riots where muslims rioted. Who is this “mystery” person behind the curtains controlling the media?

  2. Babban

    So what’s the big deal? This only shows Mr Shourie’s honesty and humility. He is not pretentious. To me, Shourie exemplifies the studious kind, who prefers to use the pen not sword, brain not brawns. I would prefer that anyday over some commie crook, regressive lib, or foul fundoo.

    Fact is, Arun Shourie is good. That’s why he will never be prime minister.

    I encourage people to go throuugh this (not my blog):

  3. It will be interesting to know how Arun Shourie was sacked by Ramnath Goenka, then how he became the Express Editor.

    Read Crusaders Clash in Surya Magzine.

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