You have read the column, now read the paper

The Times of India has a new weekly newspaper on the stands, and it’s called The Speaking Tree.

The eight-page broadsheet, encompassing “higher… and contemporary new age spirituality” is an extension of the eponymous column on the edit page of the paper.

Priced at one rupee and edited by Narayani Ganesh, The Speaking Tree marks the second new launch of the group after the Crest edition of ToI.

Writes Ganesh in the introduction to the inaugural issue:

“The Speaking Tree weekly hopes to explore with you many themes and issues that could help to transcend the “surly bonds of earth”. The world of the spirit, of universal consciousness, is not something out there, beyond our reach. It is in us. It’s ours to discovers, nurture and enjoy.”

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  1. zahdoh

    Yes. It is really thoughtfull and full of promising articles. Just read last week. Its really good Please keep it coming. I am sure there are readers like me who would like to read it every day.:p

  2. Vishwas

    Its really encouraging.
    can anyone please tell the website from where these editorials can be read online??

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