‘I thought she would live forever’: A love story

For reasons they (we) know all too well, journalists’ marriages have (generally) become the byword for short, rocky, if not wholly unhappy, relationships.

Not so, T.S. Nagarajan‘s.

The renowned photographer, master of the black-and-white form, was happily married to wife Meenakshi for a full 50 years till two Decembers ago.

In his privately published book ‘A Pearl of Water on a Lotus Leaf & Other Memories‘, Nagarajan describes living her, loving her and then losing her.


Photograph: “The very first picture I took of Meenakshi after our wedding. It was done on the lawns of Rajghat in Delhi. She was trying to give me the good news that she was carrying a baby!” (courtesy T.S. Nagarajan)

Click here for the full story: ‘I thought she would live forever’

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  1. Love is nothing but a plaque
    Who woke up on the beach tempest
    One thing that made her strong stand
    Determination is to always be faithful

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    Do not forget to come back here FATAMORGANA

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