Why Jethmalani started ‘The Sunday Guardian’

The well known criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani on his increasingly testy relationship with the media, at an interaction with journalists of the Indian Express:

Pragya Kaushika: You have criticised the media but you have invested in a new paper, The Sunday Guardian. Why this sudden interest in the media?

Ram Jethmalani: It was due to my disenchantment with the press. I am a habitual writer but nobody has been publishing my articles. So I started this paper with a sense of total frustration with the press….

Vinay Sitapati: You criticised the media, but a large part of Ram Jethmalani is a media creation. You are constantly invited to TV news channels.

Jethmalani: Media does invite me but they invite me for opinions which they like and they also invite me because they think that more people will view their channel.

Sitapati: Many of the views that you give are picked up by millions of people and surely some of it is designed to be that way?

Jethmalani: I am not finding fault with the press. Yes, it is a two-way relationship.

Illustration: courtesy Outlook

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A bigger masthead than the previous week


  1. mysore peshva

    jurist, entertainer, savant… and a very intriguing old man.

  2. Manoj Mohanani

    Welcome Sir, it was long overdue owing to the general perception amongst the ‘democratic masses’ (of India) that CURRENT Indian Media Stinks. The stink has become non-noticeable due to omni presence and subsequent mental immunity developed by the citizens. Other stinking stuff is kept alongside the ‘biased, pre-decided, pre judging, tendency’ of Indian Media. The creativity comes only through shouting tactics and styles specially in electronic media and particularly if the language is Hindi. The media assumes that Hindi speaking people are not so gentlemen or only think negatively, in case of Hindi speaking women. That is why they are more warned than informed and brainwashed (with constant ‘Mileau control, sense of guilt, requirement of purity, etc) in a planned delegated way by the forces the centres of which lie outside India (courtesy: Indian bureaucracy). That is why we ultimately get what bureaucracy in power wants to give than otherwise.
    But here is a gentleman, who has seen the games often filled with malice (towards particular communities) and games played by not-so-educated bureaucrats over the educated, secularists over communals, rich over people; right from the Creation of Two countries after the end of direct delegation of British over a unified territory. He is a gentleman who has observed all these games with the eyes of a Lawyer. definitely he knows and understands more games of past than the young journalist of today who know more of bureaucrats’ interviews than the real analysis of the events.
    We are therefore expecting from him, a real behind the scene understanding of the games and logic behind every bill that is being imposed on the citizens of the country with the highest Legal Acts. Poor citizens imposed with world’s longest Income Tax Act (read with rules and manuals) with complexities in the form of Exemptions, most of which are designed to facilitate the rich in the name of poor.
    We welcome you Sir, and expect some fireworks that we read in Indian Express but that was a long long time ago!

  3. Terming our long awaiting desire for a public fora got a reality touch with comprehensive and unique ridding provided by personalities like akbar and jethamalani… Thia has made our concerns really meaningful for a balanced and critical addressing of issues. I wish you all the lucks and tucks… In a way to relinquish all the tyrannies of trucing rulers…

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