‘If a headline asks a question, the answer is no’

Foundation for Media Professionals (FMP) seminar: Can the intelligence bureau and the research and analysis wing be accountable?

Thursday, February 18

5.30pm-8 pm

Venue: Nehru memorial museum and library, Teen Murti house, New Delhi.

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  1. Mysore Peshva

    Since the question is “can,” the answer should be “yes.” Executive agencies created by Acts of Parliament would be accountable to Parliament, not to the media.

    A couple of other points:

    (1) Why is FMP organizing a study about IB/RAW accountability? — is the event consistent with FMP’s mission? One would expect FMR to discuss and resolve the serious issue of the media’s own accountability to readers/viewers.

    (2) The silhouette of a Doylian spy complete with upturned collar is a boring stereotype — and it doesn’t even reflect what RAW and IB actually do. Come on, mister poster designer, you can do better!

  2. Vishala Manassu

    Bloody Mary ginned Sagarika delivers atlast – not a baby but an article worth reading.

    effective is one, but who will check the accountability of a journalist?

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