Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria gets Padma Bhushan

Fareed Zakaria, the Bombay-born editor of Newsweek International and the host of CNN’s GPS, has been decorated with India’s third highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan.

Zakaria’s name finds mention in the annual Republic Day honours’ list released by the ministry of home affairs.

Zakaria, whose mother Fatma Zakaria was one of the stellar names of the now-defunct Illustrated Weekly of India under Khushwant Singh, is the only journalist on this year’s list of 130 names, in this the 60th year of the founding of the Indian republic.

“I am deeply honoured and humbled. I am absolutely delighted to be in the company of people with extraordinary achievements,” Zakaria told Press Trust of India.

“I believe India and the US are moving on a path of inevitable partnership. (There are) so many broad forces pushing these two countries together — from strategic forces to cultural forces to intellectual force. I believe that we would see the 21st century in which the US and India ideas, interest, values and increasingly cooperate on the global stage.”

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  1. palkodimir

    Padma Vibhushan to Fareed Zakariah is a cynical appeasement to one who has been attached to the establishments mouth piece : CNN and Newsweek , known for their insanities and categorizations of hatred at non-Whites and emerging third-world democracies. Being an embedded and manoeuvring journalist, he has done a good service in praising the ruling political cliques in promoting the US’s political, military and economic domination of the world. Pro-American journalists like him consider that it is natural and normal that they should unconvincingly support the foreign policies of the US administration however rotten they are and how much damaging the policies are to the emerging third world. Many of your readers can not comprehend that in most cases people like Fareed Zakariah are either horribly ignorant or deliberately they toe the dictates of the highly prejudicial CNN in order to serve the American interest and keep the job. Dissident journalists in the US hardly earn their living.

  2. Will the country now withdraw Padma Bhushan given to this guy? Sick at how our country rewards those who have made up their careers outside India.

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